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The Business Builder and YOU!

Financially free by the age of 23 and with over 25yrs of Business Building experience. . .  Mark Walker is – The Business Builder.

Testimonials Page

I have worked with many companies and individuals over the years, developing and nurturing their successes. My clients tell me this has lead to greater understanding, better health and wealth, family harmony and a focused direction through my teachings of understanding and mindset.

I feel very proud to share a few testimonials and comments on this page. I would enjoy giving all authors the true recognition they deserve. However due to the personal circumstance many of my clients were in when they came to me for guidance, some choose to remain anonymous… and I respect that.

This short list is a tribute to you all for believing in me and yourself!

Thank you and enjoy.

“I have a bit of a man crush on Mark — super nice guy…..and knows his stuff too….”
Chris Farrell - Chris Farrell - Beverly Hills - USA
“In my initial (telephone) meeting with Mark, he quickly identified my preferred options and promptly suggested an agenda for our first face-to-face meeting. I was impressed with his professionalism and felt confident with his wide experience. Our meeting was most productive and he passed on many nuggets of useful information, which I am currently in the process of implementing.”
Anon - can be verified
“I had an idea for about 2 years but I just couldn’t work out how to turn it in to a business. Mark came along by referral from a friend and all I can say is WOW! He quickly understood my idea and what I needed, gave me a blueprint, offered great practical no-nonsense advice and guided me to success enabling me to turn my idea in to reality – Thanks Mark!”
Kevin P. - - Worcestershire - UK
“I would highly recommend Mark Walker’s services to any beginner entrepreneur who would like to take step to the business world but do not know where to start from. Regardless of the nature of your business Mark is always ready to help with all sort of the right advices which would help you to move forward and transform your home-business into a successful corporation in less time that you would ever expect. So if you want to bring your business to a totally new level do not hesitate to contact Mark.”
Joanna Niewiadomska - London - UK
“Lovely guy to know 🙂 Mark knows his stuff and is always willing to help others too.”
Simone Phillips - Director at Internet Marketing Whiz - London - UK
“First class. In the space of an hour Mark helped direct my efforts, gave huge encouragement and ALSO came up with a marvelous brand name! [The Mobile FD]Many thanks and highly recommended..”
Richard Stone - Senior Finance Director - Cheshire - UK
“I cannot recommend Mark enough, one of the true Gems in life. Very advanced advice in an easy to understand manner, the help he has given to me personally is first class. Honest and really easy to talk with Mark Walker is 100% recommended by me.”
Ian Wicks - MD at Internet Advice - London - UK
“First of all, I just wanted to say thank you very much indeed for the very valuable time we spent together on the phone a couple of weeks ago…. Thanks! It’s really made me think about things in the last week or two, whilst I’ve had a lot of hectic family stuff going on. I’ve been making short lists [as you suggested] and pretty much sticking to them and staying focused – and I am feeling less stressed, partly because I’ve just decided to, as you suggested. So, thank you again, it’s been useful so far and I’m so excited!”
Kept Private Due To Content - can be verified - UK
“Thanks again for an awesome weekend last weekend, the content of the course was a breath of fresh air, giving detailed step by step instruction, rather than the ‘normal concept, now go work it out for yourself’ courses, and also a brilliant stratagey.”
Ian Jones - Property Investor - Birmingham - UK
“I have got more clarity around my business with mentoring from Mark. Mark has an eye for detail and the changes that he suggested on my website clearly shows that. He is a person with patience and accountability which worked as a very good balance for me. Thankyou Mark.”
Princess D London - Partner at Alchemy Trainings - London - UK
“Daily Mark-isms… I find that especially on days I feel in question or not completely “there” that all of the sudden I find a Mark-ism in my box.  I take it as a sign and ALWAYS, ALWAYS I am set back on track towards My Brilliance and Destiny.  Sometimes a Soul just needs a little reminder… a little Mark-ism…Thanks Mark!!!”
Katherine Carey - Milliner and Owner of - New York - USA
“Mark is professional and a man of his word and very unique. Mark will make all your dreams come to true.”
Sarah Hempstock - EPC & Debt Advisor - Kidderminster - UK
“Proper, stand up guy. Honest as the day is long. Great leadership skills and doesn’t mind learning from every situation he meets.. I’d want him on my side in any venture I undertake. His help and advice is invaluable.”
David B. - JV Broker, Coach and Mentor - London - UK
“I worked alongside with Mark many years ago in a big Corporate company – Mark was very highly motivated achiever/Manager then – Its now great to see how hes now inspiring so many other people!”
Lee Arthur - Music/Band Promoter - LA Entertainment
“Thank you for the all of your help and generosity and inspiration over the weekend. A step-by-step strategy that I can fit in around my current work is what I’ve been looking for to help me move forward. And it is not just the strategy either: it is the mindset, attitudes and awareness of beliefs and behaviours too. The video you emailed out before the event has transformed how I approach my life. The tip about handling more stress has opened up a wealth of light-bulb moments for me. I’ve had such a shift over the last couple of weeks – its brilliant!”
Claire Jones - UK
“Recently meet Mark at the Bucks Property Meet, and it was evidently that several people knew him and talked highly of him – can only back this up after speaking with Mark – very keen to help all and share his knowledge…”
John Cox - Founder of Bucks Property Meet (UK) - Buckinghamshire - UK
“Mark is uber enthusiastic and authentically genuine when it comes to his interest in helping you build your business. He’ll actually walk that extra mile for you in your shoes if that is what it takes…two thumbs up and tally hoe!”
T.J.Johnston - University of Wyoming - USA
“I just wanted to say a big personal Thank You to yourself and express my gratitude for the Turning Point Seminar. What an absolutely awesome weekend!! Congratulations on such a brilliant presentation full of excellent and fantastic content. I also appreciate the correct value of the course and express my thanks for you allowing myself, Kathy and indeed others the opportunity to attend at such a low investment. I now very much look forward to putting your strategies to immediate and good use. ”
Matt Davis - Turning Point Delegate - UK
“Mark is far too tall & good looking for my liking – however he’s very professional, helpful & knowledgeable. Most importantly he has a great sense of humour THE most important ingredient in the IM business ;-).”
Steve Foley - MD at Econfex Ltd - Leeds - UK
“Recently been lucky enough to meet Mark and attend his Turning Point event in Birmingham. Not only was it a fantastic 2 days meeting both Mark and the rest of the group, but also a total mind shift showing new ways to face challenges and fear allowing anyone at all to take their success to the next level and create massive wealth. Look forward to attending one of your future events Mark.”
Jay Summerfield - MD at Trace & Access - Lichfield - UK
“Met Mark recently at the Liverpool PIN meeting; a very engaging and motivational individual with a real “It can be done” attitude.”
Matt Naylor - Mortgage Consultant - Liverpool - UK
“Great all round funny bloke with lots of energy and commitment. Professional and able to help and support the cause of successful business.”
Wesam Fawzi - Entrepreneur - Australia
“Marks consistent, reliable and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend him and have done!”
Andy Phillips - MD at Digital Cascade - London - UK
“Mark ROCKS! His enthusiasm is infectious! His head is on straight and he knows his stuff! Why struggle when you have a valuable resource available to you within Mark!”
Stephany Mauer - Omaha - USA
“Many thanks to Mark for hosting lunch in his private box at Worcester Warriors. Great lunch, not so great result. If you are a Vendor looking to sell your house, a Tenant wanting to buy a house or an Estate Agent seeking additional sales Mark is your man.”
Philip Fowler - MD at Movemaster - Worcester - UK
“Many thanks Mark, great call with some invaluable advice. I’d recommend anyone who is in need of some business advice to connect with Mark.”
Brynley Little - Property Investor - Shrewsbury - UK

“I have known Mark for just over a year now and in that time he has helped me to build up a successful leaflet business with absolutely no set-up costs and no outlay which is growing to be very profitable.

Mark has also given me lots of valuable information freely, which has been invaluable in my property business and he is always happy to help with any queries. I find him to be very knowledgeable regarding all aspects of property investment, honest, generous, reliable and above all ethical in his work. I am happy to call him a friend.”

Suzie Bates - Property Investor & partner at Smart Property - Leicestershire - UK

You can read additional testimonials, receive updated success stories and see how Mark will create the change you require in your life and business to take you to further success by entering your details at the top of this page.

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